The imunal library
Guillaume Quintin, Olivier Ruatta and Philippe Gaborit

What is imunal?

Imunal is a standalone C library licensed under the GPLv2 created and maintained by Guillaume Quintin, Olivier Ruatta and Philippe Gaborit. Its primary goal is to implement as efficiently as possible algorithms for the computation of algebraic immunities of boolean functions.

What can I do with imunal?

For now (2013/12/12) you can use the library directly in your C program directly or the imunal executable to compute the algebraic immunity of boolean functions. For a quick test of imunal feel free to check our online calculator. Only the family of majority functions are available as builtin function within imunal. More builtin functions are planned to be added to the library: feel free to contribute.


For any question, remark, suggestion please contact one of the authors of the library.

Older versions of imunal

Here is a list of older versions of imunal. It is recommended to download the latest stable version of the library at the top of this page.

Written by Guillaume Quintin (quintin [at]
Last update: 2013/12/12.