This a partial reproduction of my professionnal webpage as it was from 2009/10/01 to 2014/09/30. During this period I was in the french academic system doing research and teaching mainly at École polytechnique, Palaiseau, France. All details are given below. Now I am in the private sector working as a research and software engineer in the fields of what salesmen call high performance computing (HPC) and Bigdata.


My area of interests include algebra, algebraic number theory, computer algebra, computer algebra systems, algebraic geometry, and their applications to error correcting codes and cryptography. See the publications section below. My current work is focused on:

I also implement in C and C++ the algorithms of my papers. I contribute to the Mathemagix project and I also create separate standalone C libraries. See the softwares section below.

PhD thesis

I did my PhD thesis under the supervision of Daniel Augot and Grégoire Lecerf at the computer science laboratory at École polytechnique. More details can be found in this dedicated page.






I am the maintainer (with Grégoire Lecerf) of three packages of the Mathemagix computer algebra system. My main goal is to implement decoding algorithms for evaluation codes over finite rings and fields in order to study their performences and improve them. The Sudan list decoding algorithm is present in my package named quintix.

With Grégoire Lecerf, we designed and maintain the following packages:


I am the creator and the maintainer of the decoding library. It is a C library whose main goal is to implement as efficiently as possible the Guruswami-Sudan algorithm. It is written in C89 and is stand-alone. It is of course possible (and recommended for efficiency) to use decoding with external libraries such as GMP, NTL, FLINT and MPFQ.

The web page for decoding.


With Olivier Ruatta and Philippe Gaborit we are the creators and the maintainers of the imunal library. It is a C library whose main goal is to implement as efficiently as possible a deterministic algorithm for computing algebraic immunities of boolean functions.

The web page for imunal.


I have given several talks on my work:


I was a teaching assistant (chargé de TD) at École polytechnique. I worked mainly with Albert Cohen.





Sudan and Guruswami-Sudan algorithms

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