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What is this website?

This is my personal website (generated, for the moment, by a simple Makefile) which allows me to share my shity little programs with the rest of the world. I use the ANSI C programming language. I respect as much as I can the POSIX standard. Usually, I test my programs on FreeBSD so they should compile and run on Apple's OS. I am a linux user. All my computers used to run Archlinux but are now running Debian. For the moment, I really don't care and I do not intent to port my programs to Microsoft's OS.

I do write code on my free time. This means that I do not always have time to test and correct my programs as much as I'd like. It can take me several months to bring modifications, even the slightest ones, to my programs. Of course, I appreciate all feedback to improve my shit.

I use git to manage my programs. Only I, have write access to my repos. However feel free to clone my programs to use, improve or fork them.

My git repos

My git repos are here at

Be aware that these are my working repos. This means that the shit in there is in development. Stable versions of my programs can be obtained on the top of this page from the .tar.bz2's. In the git repos you may find other projects I am working on but not .tar.bz2'ed. These programs are not stable or may not even compile.

Any program in the git repo not appearing on the top of this page has an unknown fate, even for me. I can remove them, change their names, rewrite them completely. But, programs that are .tar.bz2'ed whose links appear on the top of this page are considered “stable” and will stay available on my website. Their names can change over time. If so, it will be written on this page.


My dwm patch

First, here is the stable last version of my patch


My window manager is dwm. This tiling window manager suits all my needs except for one. I like to watch a movie when working and/or writing code and I like my movie to be at the top-right corner of the screen on every set of tags that I select whatever I do. I wrote this layout quickly and it works well for the moment.

All tiled windows (Client.isfloating == 0) marked to be on all set of selected tags (Client.tags == ((~0) & TAGMASK)) are detached from the monitor client chain list and reattached at the good place in the latter. Then the tile() function is called and to windows accordingly. My patch takes care of how many windows are to be placed in the main area and on the stack area.

My configuration files

The configuration files that I use can be found here:

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